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Let Liberty Reign – 28th of August 2012

August 28, 2012

Hello there!

So I just got back from dropping my parents at the airport. They’re going away for a month…… which is fantastic.

My brother drove them to the airport and I came for the ride because predictably mum was crying about leaving us and didn’t want to say goodbye until we were literally pushing her through the departure gate. We waved them goodbye as we drove off in the car and then they were going….going….going….going…. gone!

I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I’m 20, and yes, technically I am already an adult and can do what I want. But when you still live with your parents the age thing doesn’t really matter – they are still the boss of you. Now that they’re gone, I feel like a dog who’s been chained all its life and is finally being set free. Hello World, come at me!

I started by wagging Uni. Sure, the reason I took the day off is so that I could go and see of my folks at the airport but I still think of it as an act of youthful rebellion. It so counts.

Secondly, I got home and my brother Ass had to go out again and my younger brother Cow was at school so there I was, home alone, without any parents. What did I do? I turned the music in my room up apocalyptically loud, jumped on my bed with my hair out and performed a concert to an imaginary theatre of thousands. I got a standing ovation.

2 hours in and Parentlessness is suiting me nicely. On the weekend Horse is coming over Cook and cook (read my last post if you don’t understand this) and I plan on making such an atrocious mess of the kitchen as would normally see me drawn and quartered were my mother in the country.

The one thing that is annoying about my parents being away is that I have to look after Cat and Dog. As deceptively adorable as they both are, I have already gone partially insane from their annoyingness. My brothers don’t really do much to look after them, so on top of uni, blogging, rehearsals, assignments, 2 jobs and essentially writing a novel, I also have to find time to walk Dog every day. I like walking dog, but I normally only do it on weekends or when I have spare time or feel motivated. So I guess parents do have some uses.

Anyway, I’ve got to go to work/ figure out other ways I can abuse my new found freedom. Throw a massively destructive house party? Maybe, but party’s aren’t really my thing. Perhaps I’ll start small, accidentally breaking mums hideous family heirlooms or exceeding our internet download limit or the like.



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