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Busyness – 22nd of August 2012

August 22, 2012

So I haven’t posted in forever.

Half of my posts seem to start with that sentence. I am sorry, But the following list of things explains why: I’ve been working, studying, reheasing, sleeping and generally just trying to survive whilst juggling large amounts of all those activities at once. The last few weeks have soared past so quickly and I have been so busy that I haven’t stopped to write here. It will probably happen again.

Anway here’s the update on writing: I finihsed chapter 8!!!!!!! It had taken me so long to finish that when I finally sent it to Horse I felt like celebrating except I was too tired and so I slept. I am now starting chapter 9. Horse and I planned to ‘handover’ our next chapters in a couple of weeks but but the looks of how things are going I’ll be lucky if I even have one paragraph to give her. I am setting myself this goal: to have finished chapter 13 by the time I go to Europe (on the 13th of December). It’s not going to happen, but hey, a goat can dream.

Most of my trip to Europe at the end of the year is now booked. Yay!

I found out that my older brother got an internship and is going to be moving interstate.

I got a new job waitressing at a hotel/pub type place.

I need a holiday.


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