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Teenagers!!! – 31st of July 2012

July 31, 2012

Hi Humans,

So today I think I realised just how lucky I was to make it through my teenage years in one piece.

Firstly, I had a meeting with the team of debaters I coach at my old school. Essentially it boils down to an argument where I had to play referee to teenage girl politics. I definetly agreed with one side, but I attempted to do the Jesus thing and look at both sides before I made a decision. Anyway, now I’m pretty sure that half of my team hates me, and the other half now has a bad relationsihp with the first half. And being typical teenage situation means that it’s all inherantly my fault! But seriously, what was I to do other than what I thought was right? I don’t know. I suddenly have a deep sense of respect for Teachers and Childcare workers and Judges. They are Gods.

Secondly, when I left the apocalypse of frienships behind me after the debating meeting, I made my way to Uni for my afternoon Lecture and Tutorial. I was running early, so I stopped to get a quick supermarket lunch on the way (tried dried Guava for the first time – tasted like a flat piece of sugar) and sat down in one of the cafe’s on campus that looks like a cone. That’s right… a cone. Anyway, I started writing and found myself at a point in chapter 8 where a bunch of teenagers are making life hard for one of their teachers. Suddenly I was joining the dots between the situation in my story and the situation in my life and I thought ‘what are the chances that this is a coincidence?’ So yeah, that was weird, and now i’ve convinced myself that there is some lesson or something I should probably learn from this…… Other than that I never want to have kids.

Anyway. I am setting myself a goal and writing it here to make it official and give me some sort of motivation to achieve it. Today is Tuesday. By this Saturday night I will have finished chapter 8. Now it’s on the internet I can never take it back. So hold me to it world.

Going to go and write and eat some grass now.



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