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Lama luck? – 30th of July 2012

July 30, 2012


Went to Uni, caught up with Horse to write, went out to dinner with my other friend Hen and saw Grandma. That’s my day summed up. Things of note; had the best Gnocchi ever, almost broke my toe in a workshop at uni (It was damn painful and now my toe looks like something out of Texas chainsaw massacre), caught up with my friend Sheep Dog on the way home from class and watched Despicable Me.

Also, while Horse and I were writing in the library at Uni (have I mentioned that we go to the same one?) Horse received some disappointing news which was upsetting for her, so her writing session was a ride off because of it and she had to focus on other things. I think I realised today that part of the reason Horse achieves so much is because she is worried about under achieving and blames herself when she does. Go figure. Just to be selfish and non-caring, my own writing went quite well. I also got to meet one of Horse’s hot friends who she lifeguard and swim teaches with at the same pool, so that was tasty.

Anyway, according to a very loose plan that Horse and I set during the holidays, today was to be the ‘handover’ day, when we would give each other the latest chapters of our stories to edit for one another. We’ve decided to postpone this a week as neither of us are completely ready to call our latest chapters ‘finished’, although I am pleased to say that I am getting very close. I also haven’t given Horse my chapter 7, so hopefully by next week I will have both 7 and 8 to give her. Err. Great.

On a weird note, I caught up with my oldest friend Lama the other day. We’ve known each other for almost 11 years since we were like 10 years old and decided to break free from the movie-and-dinner-catch-up routine. We ended up going for a walk around the Botanical Gardens together and we chatted about serious worlds issues like the evilness of uni timetables and inability of stomachs to self-flatten. But as we were headed back to the tram to leave, she started telling me that she’s been writing a 1500 word fiction piece to submit in a competition in her local council. I was like ‘oh that’s so great the you’ve been creative writing, it’s such an indulgent and liberating art’ and she’s like ‘yeah, how did you sum that up so well?’. In my head I’m thinking ‘because I’ve secretly spent every free second for the last six and a bit years thinking about it and writing a story that’s pretty much consuming my life’ but out loud I was like ‘oh, you know, art’s always been a great way to let imaginations run wild,’ or something equivalently lame that I can’t remember. But seriously, how weird is it that someone else I know is creative writing as well?

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