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Double trouble and cawinkydink – 29th of July 2012

July 29, 2012


Just got back from dropping my Sydney friends at the airport. As discussed yesterday, we went out last night. And I was dredding it. But it turned out alright because they sort of separated and went off to do their own thing before it got too late, so I was able to go home, hence avoided the worst of the drunken clubbing nightmare (I think some higher power interviened for me). There was two of them though, which meant that I couldn’t exactly control them after a point, hence was glad they decided to do their own thing.

Last night when I was out I told Horse about this blog and she was great about it. I’m yet to tell her that she’s included in the blog (errr – probably should have asked her first), but at least i’ve given her an alias of a farmyard animal – so hopefully the cool points will make up for the dishonesty. Anyway, in another freaky coincidence wierd thing, turns out that Horse has been writing about writing as well! She was trying to tell me about it last night but over the loud music and alcohol I was really only able to nod and smile and not really understand what she was saying. But we are having a writing session tomorrow morning and I’m going to interrogate her about it. So yeah, that’s exciting for me and propably not for you.

I’m sitting on my bed with a hot water bottle and Harry Potter. I have a double shift today so I’m soaking up all the comfort I can before three thirty. I don’t normally work doubles but a guy at work fell down the stairs and apparently his ankle has swollen to the size of  boulder/ may be broken, so i’m filling in. The thought of the money will get me through.

Also, Australia won the womans 4 by 100 meter medley in London. This makes me happy.

Errrr, bye.



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