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A bunch of stuff – 13th of July 2012

July 13, 2012

So I haven’t posted in a few days, because life has been rather lifely (which is good right?), anyway, Hi!

After my little speel the other day, I’ve been rather suprised that I actually have been more motivated to do things. Considering my normal level of motivation sits between that of a rock and Jaba da Hut, this is a big step for me.  Essentially I’ve been trying to make ‘good choices’ with free time, with creativity and motivation and generally trying to be a God . I’m yet to walk on water but things are going a little better in the productivity stakes.

I’ve successfully had several sessions of working on chapter 8, and now things are travelling a lot smoother. I know what I want to include and if I get my head down I might even finish it soon (wow, how thrilling!). Yesterday, I attempted to sit myself down to write for several hours, but ended up speculating about ideas for potential sequeals to my story, which I have been doing more and more recently.

Wednesday was Mum’s birthday. We went out for dinner to a  Korean restuarant. The food was weird. Just felt like it should get a mention. The end

I have a double shift this afternoon, which i’m seriously not looking forward to. I’ll be working from 4:30 – 11pm. Fun. The fairy god mother in me is telling me not to complain though. I need the money. My travel money for the end of the year is seriously low and I’ve had some big expenses lately (like my new comptuer, and birthday presents and phone bills and general forgot-I-have-to-pay-that stuff), and it adds up fast.

Holidays are drawing to a close. I have just over a week left, I think…. should probably check that at some stage. And this news depresses me. I’ve put in preferences for my timetable, but the final product hasn’t been released yet so I won’t know until the 17th. The thing that bugs me more than flies in the summer is that I have nearly double the contact hours I did last semester, which means less time to work on my writing. I spoke to Horse about this, and because she’s more organised than Jesus, she managed to make me believe for a brief moment that things would work out fine. But then I got home and the cloud of soon-to-have-no-free-time-to-do-any-writing swooped over me again.

I shall depart now.



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