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Oops – 4th of July 2012

July 4, 2012

Hi again,

So today was a slightly more productive writing day than the previous few. I didn’t get a whole lot of text written out, but figured out a whole lot of stuff like sub-plots and details that needed thought put into them, and now it has been. Woopdy doo.

But don’t worry folks, I do have some bad news to spread around for you. I have one of those crappy, 90’s want their computer back, slow functioning, monstrosities of a laptop. Being a lowly Uni students means I don’t exactly have oodles of cash to splash and so menial technology is what i’m reduced to. Anyway, as I was shutting my computer last night, after finishing my blog (I swear I didn’t throw it, punch it or abuse it) it goes CRACK and splits down the side. Like as in literally self destructs without any warning! It was like it was finally saying ‘Bye world, I’ts time for me to retire on my own terms’ And then it carried out its evil plan as I watched my main connection with the world shatter. Great

Anyway, it still technically works (i’m typing on it right now) but it’s in such a fragile state that I’ll be surpised if I get to the end of this blog without losing everything I write. An exposed wire is haning out the side (that’s bad right?) and did I mention its pre existing condition of nonfunctioningbattery syndrome (by that I mean it has to stay plugged into a charger to run). On top of that it has never processed anything faster than a snail completes a marathon, and it freezes randomly when I’m using it, so that’s always a fun little surprise. And the worst part is that i’m not exaggerating. In a weird way though, I’m almost glad it’s dying. It’s like when a human reaches that age when they’re so old they can’t talk, walk, think, speak or function and it’s just time for them to move on. Harsh but true, and then at the funeral it’s sad, but kind of happy-sad because you get to celebrate that they reached the end of a long and happy life and didn’t die prematuraly.

Anyway tomorrow i’m going computer shopping….. YAY! I think I’ll name my laptop this time, because maybe if I can forge a relationship with this one it might treat me better. The annoying thing is that I have to buy a cheap one (did I mention that I’m saving to travel at the end of the year?) so unfortunataly it’s not going to be the latest Mac, which saddens me greatly.

Moving on…

I’m up to chapter 8 of my story and I’ve hit a snag. Chapter 8 was meant to be chapter 7, but because my chapter 6 ended up being a lot longer than I’d planned it was split into two, which has kind of forced me to reshuffle things a little. I wrote out my final plan over a year ago, and now at the point when I’m writing chapter 8, i’ve decided I want to reconstruct it, so now I have to figure out what to do with it. It’s not hard really, but I have to create scenes that still contribute what I need them to towards the overall plot, whilst being entertaining and interesting in their own right.

No time to check over my post tonight… I’m tired and I want to go to sleep. So sorry about typos or bad grammar. Actually i’m not really.




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