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A Dark Horse – 3rd of July 2012

July 3, 2012

So hi,

Today was rather boring, and I sincerely hope this post is a contrast.

I didn’t get a chance to write because my family was hovering around me. My pay which was late (due yesterday) came so that’s kind of not really interesting. I had that job interview which was really boring and jobinterviewish (actually turned up on the right day this time). And my one surviving Grandparent (that’s my Dad’s mum) came over for dinner and talked about Marmalade.

Because I made no progress with my story today, I figure I’ll use this time to tell you a bit more about it in general. As I mentioned yesterday it’s fiction, set in Melbourne and involves a teenage protagonist finding her feet in the world whilst battling her own unique circumstances and problems (intentionally vague and I know it sounds so cliché it’s ridiculous). But I really hope it’s good.

I try to write everyday, but that rarely happens. If I weren’t keeping it secret I would write a lot more often, but juggling a life and hiding it (wow that sounds so dramatic and stuff) means that realistically I get to do it 3ish times a week or so, though being Uni holidays I am writing a bit more at the moment.

It’s also about time I told you about Horse (Obviously not her real name). Horse is a friend whom I went to school with. So here’s the story… a couple of years ago at school we had that kind of knew-each-other-well-enough-to-say-high-and-chat-but-nothing-more friendship (also I should mention that Horse is a living, breathing Einstein) and we weren’t particularly close. About a year out of school we decided to catch up, just to be polite and friendly and all that jazz and for some reason we just clicked really well as friends. Weird huh? How you can suddenly become really close friends with some ‘random’ from your past who you were never previously close with. And so within one afternoon I had this great new friend.

But here comes the weird part….

I’d never told anyone about my writing before. It had been pretty important to me for six years and no one knew. We got talking and (if you can’t guess) I told her about it and (here’s the bit that is freaking weird) she goes… ‘Me too.’


So yeah, turns out of all the people in the world I could have struck up a spontaneous friendship with, Horse was hiding the exact same thing I was! Serendipity? So on this one afternoon we spent hours walking along St Kilda Beach and talking about our stories (probably a good moment to point out that Horse is writing the next Harry Potter – her story is freaking amazing!). We each loved the others ideas, and being the first time that my story existed outside my own knowledge was a pretty huge moment for me. I remember stuttering and virtually forgetting how to form words while I told her about it – Horse probably thought it was a medical condition it was that bad!

So that’s the story summed up. We agreed that one month later on the 8th of December that we would exchange the first chapters of our stories. It was a pretty scary moment, (especially for me because I was handing my writing to a genius), but we did it… And also it was cool because we handed each other USB’s covertly while we were at a friend’s birthday so we felt like secret agents which was funzies.

Ever since then we’ve been meeting in secret as often as possible to work on our stories (I would call them novels but that sounds too professional for a couple of uni students who’ve made nothing of their work yet). It’s pretty intimidating, because Horse is so good at writing, but she’s tactful enough to point out my mistakes after she’s lathered them in compliments and delicate phrasing so I don’t have to worry about being an idiot. Every time we finish a chapter, we get the other to edit it (I feel like a douche when I edit hers) and then return it. We’ve got this awesome system with colour coding and everything now! I am such a loser.

Anyway, I could keep rambling on for ages but I shall attempt to show restraint.




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