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Not really a Blogish Blog – 2nd of July 2012

July 2, 2012

Hi all,

So today I write my first blogish Blog, because yesterdays attempt turned into a feeble story of my life type thing.

I started growing the idea for my story in my head when I was 14 (many thanks to a school writing competition for sparking the idea), and now at 20, post school, I am attempting to knuckle down and compile all of my thoughts into an actual draft. A few months ago I started writing the 20 planned chapters, and so far I’m in the middle of chapter 8 (btw it’s fiction – I’ll give you an overview some other time). I guess the reason I sat down at my computer yesterday and started writing this is really because I’m hitting a road bump with motivation. I wouldn’t call it writers block, but just a kind of lack of willpower to commit myself to hours of writing. Don’t let that sound  like I’m not enjoying it though… I am, I just lack commitment or something like that. And believe me, as I am learning, it takes aaaggggeeesss to write a novel.

Cause I’m on Uni holidays at the moment, I decided to apply for a new job to supplement waitressing (which doesn’t exactly rake it the cash). So I had a job interview ‘today’ at the local swimming pool for a new food kiosk that’s opening up (oh the glamour of student jobs). So of course I attempt to pander to the interrogators by rocking up 10 mins early and covering myself with makeup and nice clothes that never normally see the light of day from the back of my cupboard, and I sit there and wait… and wait… and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait. Half an hour later, after I’ve embarrassed myself my pestering the Swimmingpoolreceptiondesk people to death with lots of ‘errr, sorry could you just check if they’re here one more time please?’, my calls to Chadd the interview guy (yes, that’s right -Chadd) get through and he’s like ‘oh, sorry about that, you’re scheduled for tomorrow’. So yeah, that sucked.

So my younger brother (I’ll call him Cow) and my Dad (I’ll call him Dad) also got back today from their boys road trip to Western Australia. They were gone for about 10 days (I can’t remember exactly – I’m a uni student) and the moment my brother gets back he starts bragging about how many driving hours he’s got now and how he’ll be able to get his license before me. So yeah, typical younger-sibling-showing-up-older-sibling scenario and that also really sucks. Yes, I should have acquired my license over a year ago, but I turn 21 at the end of the year and so I’ll just hold out till then so I don’t have to worry about trying to find my log book or reading my handwriting about how many minutes of gravel-road night driving I acquired three years ago.

Other than that, today has been fairly normal. I’m going to write this afternoon if I can think of a good alibi for locking myself in my room for hours without arousing suspicion from my eagle eyed mother. In a future Blog I’ll be sure to drone on about the difficulties (and awkwardness) of keeping my writing a secret.

Goat out


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