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Hello world! – 1st of July 2012

June 30, 2012

Hello World! Nice to meet you. For the purposes of this Blog, call me Goat.

So here’s the deal (cliche much?)… I have a secret. And it’s nerdy. Really nerdy. The weird part is, it’s uber important to me and I haven’t told anyone. Sort Of. I’ll explain some other time.

I’m not a comic crazy cowboy or a genius algebra freak who wears their colours (yes, that’s right, there is a ‘u’ in colour) proudly by attending Star Wars conventions or competing in Maths Olympics. I do not condone the wearing of orange suspenders in public and to be quite honest the thought of rewinding to the time I had braces (twice!!!!), scares me more than I can say.

The truth is… (dramatic gasp of anticipation)… I write (yeah it’s not just nerdy, it’s boring too!). And I’m writing this Blog to spew out all the trials and tribulations of writing my first novel (and hopefully go on to make something of it), with a healthy sprinkling of my own personal predicaments mixed in.  So if you like reading about the ups and downs of a rather irrational, twenty year old uni student with a tendency to drone on about her personal, pathetic road blocks and sucky, troubled, mother-smothered, food-filled existence then please, read on 🙂

So here’s the nerdy picture picture; Melbournian, twenty, brunette, name isn’t really Goat, secret writer (oooohhhh mysterious), lives at home with parents and brothers, went to private school (ewww, I know – but in all seriousness was actually quite good), chocoholic, working a typical uni-student-stupid waitressing job, enjoys long walks on the beach and twilight dinners overlooking the water. Not.

So I guess that in a weird way one half of my life is drowning in normality and boredom, whilst the other half is awesome and cool and secret and stuff (ha!). It’s kinda weird though, that the one part of me (wow,  here comes the ‘d and m’) that is hidden, and the stuff on the outside is what everyone else thinks is important to me. But I guess that’s obvious. Also that did sound a lot better in my head. Apologies for the excess loserishness and psycho analysis.

Errrr yeah, so that’s a kind of vague intro about me. I’m going to start Blogging (If I can figure out how to navigate this maze of a website – for a Gen Y I’m basically techno-disabled) about my novel and life and stuff. Also, if ‘Goat’ doesn’t give it away, i’ll be changing names of everyone I write about to farmyard animals (privacy shmivescy). Cause that’s a really normal thing to do.

Goat out.


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